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KADORR City Mall

Address: Genuezskaya Street

The Arcadia district, which is located KADORR City Mall , today is one of the fastest growing. In the last few years, whole microdistricts have been built here, hotel complexes and business centers have been built, and their own infrastructure has been created. It is a place of all-Ukrainian significance, which annually attracts more than a million tourists from all over the world.
KADORR City Mall represents a competent selection and placement of tenants, the key role in which is occupied by “anchor” tenants. They realize a wide range of goods and form a powerful flow of visitors. For the first time in Odessa, here will be opened the fourth in Ukraine delicacy-market Le Silpo , which is one of the leaders in retail trade of the country. We give brands that are chosen by millions of people around the world, we open new names and represent those whom the inhabitants of the metropolis want!

You can buy or rent commercial premises for your business.
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