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KADORR Shopping Mall

Address: 27/1, Ekaterinenskaya Street

Number of floors:  9

Kadorr Shopping Mall was opened on December, 5, 2015. This is a new modern professionally projected center with perspective basis for business and service offering. The complex is situated in the very center of Odessa’s business life on the crossing of the main transport and pedestrian routes. The building has perfectly fitted into the traditional city architecture and will definitely become a new object of interest in Odessa. The founders used a special approach to choosing materials – white marble, Spanish stones and technical equipment from the leading world manufacturers. The first 5 floors feature nearly 100 shops and boutiques of the leading world and national brands. 700 sq.m were specially assigned for children – namely, Kadorr Kids Entertaining and Development Center for Children and Adults. Three floors are rented as office rooms. It goes without saying that in this project KADORR Group Company and its all-time leader Mr. Adnan Kivan remain loyal to their principles and goals. The Shopping Mall keeps and promotes traditions, becomes an example of European quality and turns into another “pearl” of Odessa architecture.

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