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kadorr group строительство


  • The company is recognized as a leader in the construction industry in the South of Ukraine
  • KADORR Group has commissioned more than 5 000 000 sq. m of residential and commercial real estate
  • All the time, the company completes construction projects on time without a single delay in its construction
  • In 2017, “Pearl” of KADORR Group was recognized as the best residential complex in Ukraine and received the highest government award
  • For 2018 the company demonstrated record-breaking performance, completing 12 housing units in 12 months for the first time in the country`s history
  • In 2019, the company has set an absolute record for Ukraine – 3 residential complexes commissioned at the same day
  • In 2021 the company launched a sensational KADORR City project with simultaneous construction of 9 high-rise buildings on the same site
  • By 2022 the population of KADORR Group residential complexes will exceed 80,000 people