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Аднан Киван

Adnan Kivan


  • Founder of KADORR Group Corporation. Adnan Kivan is the biggest Arab investor in Ukraine. He is known for his successful business projects, social initiatives as well as charity and patronage activities
  • FORTUNE: Adnan Kivan is one of the top 100 richest people in Ukraine
  • FAITH: Prayer and good deeds are important parts of Adnan Kivan`s life. He associates his success with the will of God, who is one for all
  • FAMILY: Adnan Kivan`s reliable support, faithful encouragement and highest value is his family. His wife and children are actively involved in the family business, developing the beautification of the whole city
Руслан Киван

Ruslan Kivan


  • Co-owner of the KADORR Group. Ruslan Kivan continues to follow the family values and tenets of his father Adnan Kivan
  • Ruslan Kivan manages the main activities of the corporation. Under his leadership, numerous projects and new ways of developing the company are being implemented